6 years 5 months

Read this important report released today by the Institute of Medicine on Substance Use Disorders in the US Armed Forces. 

6 years 8 months

Published: Saturday, March 10, 2012, 9:25 PM

8 years 1 week

Samaritan Village, Inc.

Proudly Announces the opening of a new WOMEN VETERANS PROGRAM

Building on 50 Years Experience in Chemical Dependency Treatment and 15 Years Experience in Veterans-Specific Treatment 

8 years 1 month

FOX 5's Dr. Sapna Parikh looks at Veterans Healing Initiative and its work to help U.S. Veterans struggling with substance abuse and trauma

8 years 1 month

Their wars were generations apart. Alex Haynes’s was Vietnam, where he was in the Army’s First Cavalry Division. Derek Smith’s was Iraq, as a Marine early on in the conflict.